The properties from a configuration artifact properties file are being added to the artifact’s metadata. Il faudrait rendre accessible une image de ce repository afin de s’assurer que la même configuration est utilisée sur tous les sites de développement! Bring snaps up to date with 2. Relationships between Bundles will overwrite any existing relationship to be rendered. Omitted missing constraint in admin console OSGi state explorer. Mon Jan 21

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Published update sites are in the wrong location. Changing a log level for a given JULI logger in the serviceability. Virgo kernel tools embeds various JARs. Hosted repository configuration not present in user region. Enable exploded artifact deployment on nano.

Support Bundle-Icon in the admin console. Plusieurs plugins doivent être ajoutés afin de gérer correctement les modules ePims. Add Logback status listener to surface more Logback diagnostics. Eclipse Virgo failed to shutdown after admin password change. Allow PLAN-artifact-property to append manifest headers instead of hibrrnate them. Correct license of AntPathMatcher in artifact-repository.


hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

Add logout functionality to web-admin. Avoid kernel and user region configuration appearing in user region Configuration Admin.

REST sample deploys successfully but gives when driven. Add OkHttp bundles to Virgo ext repository.

Configuration ePims pour le développement [ePims]

Virgo Splash screen claims Virgo Server is a tools-3.2.0.ga.zjp. Virgo fails to load resources from ext repository if installed under a directory containing spaces. Ripple can’t be started from anywhere other than eclipse-mirror. User region configuration properties are not visible via JMX.

Framework hooks region implementation should fail duplicate bundle installs.

hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

Document the ways to create a WAB and decide on the easiest. Check and update Eclipse legal notes in the tooling distribution. New admin console usability bug train. Exception logged when service.

OpenEjbSecurityInitializationValve must specify async support. Les différents modules que l’on trouvent sous SVN sont donc formattés pour cet environnement. Resolution of uses-conflicts takes long. Update Java profile to Java 8.

Intégration d’Hibernate Tools dans Eclipse 3.4.1

Generation and deployment of war within Eclipse. Release combined OSGi samples. Correct kernel and web server about files. Support toils-3.2.0.ga.zip container based Equinox implementation. Context configuration stops working when webapp is updated. Not enough packages in the profile org. Starting a unresolveable fragment causes the Deployer Model to report it as started when it has not.


Introduction à Java EE

Invalid close behaviour of services information boxes. Bring snaps up to date with the M06 Virgo Milestone. Shared Ivy cache produces incorrect dependency versions.

La nouvelle librairie a pour nom eP-Core Support viewing all wirings for a specified package. Clicking on Service overview in web admin console causes NullPointerException. Investigate integrating the Virgo console into the Eclipse consolve view.